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Geriatric care services refer to the services offered to the aged or the elderly. It includes a variety of tasks, including accompanying the older person, cleaning, maintaining hygiene, offering meditations in time, grooming, locomotive help and the like. 

It is a common scenario of older adults getting neglected intentionally or unintentionally by their children and grandchildren. It becomes the responsibility of every adult to take care of their elders. But, it often happens that because of better career opportunities and busy schedules, it becomes a pretty difficult task to take care of the elders at home, especially when they have certain illnesses or health issues. 

In such instances, it becomes crucial to resort to professional help in offering the necessary care that the elders need and deserve. Here comes the function of geriatric care services. And when you want to offer your elders the best geriatric care, Ayushya promises to cater to every specific need and requirement. Meeting those needs and requirements becomes the property and goal of the care providers and professionals of Ayushya. 

So, what can one expect when they choose geriatric care services? Let us look into the following discussion to see what constitutes geriatric services. 

What is covered in the Geriatric Care Services?

The following are the services the caregivers at Ayushya offer when you opt for their Geriatric Care services. 

  • Bathing, grooming and dressing 

Elderlies often have difficulty in taking care of themselves, as in cleaning, grooming and dressing. It can be because of locomotive difficulties or inability because of some other illnesses. Irrespective of what the cause can be, the caregivers of Ayushya bathe the elders every day, dress them and groom them perfectly. 

  • Hygiene maintenance 

It becomes difficult for the elders to keep their rooms clean when they are down with a certain illness. Even the people at home can not undergo the tedious process of cleaning the elders’ rooms. Additionally, it might even require professional help to clean the rooms of certain elders with numerous medical machines and kits. Therefore, opting for Ayuhsya’s senior care services includes cleaning the room of the patient and enduring impeccable hygiene maintenance. 

  • Managing littering 

A common issue among the elders, especially the ones who are ill, is that they often lose the capability to walk to the bathroom to defecate. It causes littering and defeacating in the room itself. Consequently, it makes the place unhygienic and messy. But, Ayushya’s services for geriatric care include cleaning and managing litter and taking care of every excretory need of the patient. 

  • Meal preparation and feeding 

Busy adults find it difficult to prepare the right meals for their elders for many reasons. But, the caregivers of Ayushya include the task of preparing the basic meals for the patients and even feeding them every day at the proper time of the day. 

  • Locomotive assistance 

It is quite common for the elderly to lose their locomotive capacities as they grow old or when they are ill. Therefore, Ayushya’s services include offering the necessary help and assistance in the locomotion of the patients optimally.

Apart from the above services, there are several others that come along when you choose Ayushya’s geriatric care services. It includes offering daily reports on the health of the patient to the family members, reminding and offering the right medication on time, applying ointments on time, assistance in regular exercise and basic massage therapy and lastly, ensuring safety management along with offering companionship. Thus, choosing Ayushya ensures that your elders will receive the best possible care and comfort they need in their later years of life.

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