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    Elderly Care Taker

    Home Care for Senior Citizens

    Ageing is a process in our lives.  While in service or in business you are busy both physically and mentally.  As super-annuation or retirement age approaches, lifestyle affects many with gradual physical disabilities & diseases.  Good number of senior citizens live with their families where they are cared for by their family members.    We have instances, where educated children who move out in search of better employment facilities.  In such situation, as age advances, you as senior and/or super senior citizens are left to take care of yourselves with the daily routines, viz. cooking, cleaning bathing etc.. Often, if you are ailing you are unable to take care of yourself physically, though you have monetary resources. In such situation, you require special care designed to meet the needs and requirement, keeping in mind health care.  Your aim is to have a reliable caretaker to assist you, to live with dignity.

    We at ‘Ayushya’ have a team of professionals to assist the elderly for their requirements.  Our Health Managers arrange for Medical/Doctor Consultation, Dietician, home delivery of medicines, equipments, such as crutches, wheel chair etc., on rental or purchase, as the case may be.

    Be glad, we have various schemes beneficial to the senior & super senior citizens as well.  Also, we take special care of the ailing persons or recuperating after a health breakdown, surgery etc. We have appropriate reliable and efficient health care services, viz adult day care and home care, assisted living, nursing care etc.

    For many families, a valuable decision Ayushya approach goes beyond boundaries with a safe and affordable solution for your senior ones with comfort and proper health care management services directly at your home.

    Ayushya professionals extents the amount of responsibility and care are given to your friends and family to an expected result. We provide caretakers at home or nurse at home according to the client’s requirements and all crises and medically facilities are made available. Elders desire a life with great wellbeing, dignity, economic independence and finally a peaceful death. Ayushya ensures their good health and assists their well-being with proper health management and basic need management services.

    We take care of all the potential needs required for them with care and respect, concerning numerous individuals to provide care and attention for elders is not possible sometimes due to other work responsibilities so Ayushya deals with their ways of life according to their needs.


    Ayushya people are concerned about the elderly and are great at understanding the senior on a personal level by their confidence in the caretaking plan as the caretaker/attendant guides them throughout the day. Communication is the key component for our service and our caretaker/attendant provides elder people the best possible care at home as Ayushya understands the diverse health care by preferences.

    Our service includes

    •  Bathing, grooming, and dressing·
    •  Littering and excretory need·
    •  Regular exercise·
    •  Basic meals for the patient·
    •  Cleansing of the patient room·
    •  Oral medication and appointments reminders·
    •  Helping while locomotion·
    •  Daily status reporting to the family·
    •  Safety preventions·

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