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    What is Patient care Service?

    After medical help, we require support for daily activities and a home caretaker provides comprehensive support at home. Trained attendants often known as caregivers offer reliable assistance which a patient needs. Improving patient care has become a priority with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction. Patient care or Patient attendant service is important since many of us lack to be available all round the clock at home or take possible care of their loved ones. Ayushya Patient care services are provided all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Satara for patients and elders at home with 24/7 accessibility with medical and non-medical living assistance care to improve living for all.

    Ayushya Patient Care Service

    If you require extended help after treatment which can be able to receive it in your home?

    Ayushya is the best choice you could make.  We’re a team of professional and committed staff that enhances people’s health at home by providing exceptional care which includes all the assistance required for a patient to recover at home. We bring Healthcare at your convenience. Home health care provides many options like choosing the right time, place, doctors, medical equipment, etc. We provide all the necessities to help you recover. We support, advise you and be committed to your needs, our patients are our number one priority.  Our teams are friendly, reliable and committed to your needs. Our care manager will contact you and get details about your requirement and bring up a customized plan for you, so you know what to expect. We all take care of pairing our clients with Nurses and doctors.  Our approach is to be Person-Centered and holistic to make sure your needs; physical, emotional and spiritual, are accounted for. Our Caregivers deals with the challenging and complex condition and help you in your daily assistance supported by our management team 24/7.

    Our Attendant visits can range from an hour to several hours, or a number of visits during the day according to your requirement.  Tasks range from personal care and medication reminders and administration to managing day-to-day chores, cooking and shopping, etc. is managed by our caregiver. We assist in bathing and dressing and even to get ready for bed. We will accompany our clients to doctor or hospital appointments and much more.


    Looking for Patient Care Services in Mumbai ?

    Patient requires Medical and non medical help at home in Mumbai and many patient rely on family and friends to assist them, there may be times where additional caretaker for patient or long and short term care is need, Many of us will need to have some sort of care at the moment of our life. Ayushya is home health care solution for quality care and and affordable price Patient care services in Mumbai. Our Care taker supports the patient to make things easier for your valued one in the daily life schedules. Our Patient caregiver executes different tasks such as cleaning, Feeding, helping to move, doing laundry for the patient etc.  Care taker restore patient to good health. Ayushya Offers the best quality care and reliable price caretaker for Patient at Home in Mumbai. Our certified and experience caretakers , attendants, Ward boys, Ayah to follow a quality care.

    Which Assistance Are Included In Female/Male Attendant Service?


    • Bathing and grooming, dressing
    • Littering and excretory need
    • Exercise
    • Basic meals for the patient
    • Cleaning of the individual patient room

    Appointment reminders

    • Administering medicine
    • Help in locomotion
    • Status reporting to family
    • Safety and fall prevention. 

    Why choose Patient care service?

    • Ayushya caretakers are concerned about clients and are good at understanding patients on a personal level by their belief in caregiving.
    • Communication is the key component of our service and our caretaker/attendant provides patients the best possible care at home as Ayushya understands the diverse health care by preferences.
    •  Ayushya provides constant support and general supervision 24/7 as per the requirement with more appropriate decisions and planning for the welfare of others.
    •       Understandable, detailed information regarding medications, physical limitations and  dietary needs Coordinate and plan on-going treatment and services after discharge,
    •       Provide information regarding access to clinical, social, physical and financial support on a continuing basis.
    •       The level of physical comfort has a significant impact on a patient’s recovery and is particularly important for patients; Fear and anxiety associated with illness can be as debilitating as the physical effects. We particularly pay attention to; Assistance with activities and daily living needs, Anxiety over physical status, treatment, Concern over the influence of the illness on themselves and family and Uneasiness over the financial impact of illness

    A quick overview

    A video might help you to better understand the work we do


    Q: Can you help with short term needs?

    A: Yes, Many of our clients have short-term needs whether a single visit is needed or longer-term care we can assist you.

    Q: Can you help support the elderly?

    A: Certainly. If you need to know precisely how we can help, contact us or visit our sister company Pranyaas.

    Q: How do you cope with a medical emergency?

    A: Our staff are all fully trained to manage medical emergencies and can often manage the crisis by themselves.

    Q: Will I always see the same care?

    A: Generally yes, however, our staffs take holidays and need days off. And if care is required for 24-hour shifts it will involve 2 caregivers.


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