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Doctor Visit at Home Service?

The doctor on call or the in-home doctor service means exactly what the name suggests.  Frequently when you or your loved ones may need to consult with a doctor, your doctor will visit you in the comforts of your home for treatment & consultation of equal quality and facilities. 

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When do you need Doctor Visit at Home Service?

Patients need patience and love to heal. It is exactly what we provide right at your doorstep.

A few decades ago, the medical world worked very differently than it does now. No one needed to visit a doctor and wait for their doctor to sit in the chamber.

Families had to simply contact the family doctor or physician and they will provide an on-call service. However, there still remains such service at this time and one should totally make use of such facilities.

    How does Doctor on Call Service benefit you?

    Doctor-on-Call service is exactly what its name suggests. Whenever you or someone in your family or circle needs to consult a doctor, Ayushya will send the best-equipped and well-trained doctor right to your doorstep for the best health and medical consultation at your home. On-call doctors are always associated with nursing homes or hospitals and they are hired through rigorous hiring processes & a thorough background check. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our team of doctors are well-trained and has the right knowledge for the best care of you and your loved ones.

    Patients need patience and love to heal. It is exactly what we provide right at your doorstep with the help of our professional Doctors at Home.

    A few decades ago, the medical world worked very differently than it does now. Ayushya is transforming the change. Now you don’t have to wait in long queues in doctor’s chambers anymore! We provide Doctors at the convenience of your doorstep.

    All you have to do is just give us a call at +91 80700 57451 and our expert at-home doctors will be on their way to care for you!


    The need for In-House Doctor Service


    Now that you know what in-home doctor services mean, you should be aware of the times when you need to use their services through our website. The following pointers will help you have an idea.


    When your Family Doctor is Unavailable but you require consultation.


    When you need to consult a doctor for Senior a citizen or a Physically Challenged person.


    Medically homebound patients who require medical service.


    When you need the convenience of doctor services at the premises of your home.


    Urgent and immediate doctor service over teleconsultation.

    Advantages of Doctor Visit at Home



    Healthcare facilities are made to be available even further as lab test facilities and equipment are rented at home for even greater high-quality services.



    Save money and time as you do not need to spend on hospital stays or travel during times when you need urgent medical services.



    The doctors are licensed and highly proficient in their field of expertise. Along with that, they provide caring and compassionate medical treatment.



    One of the main benefits includes the availability of on-call doctors during the most inconvenient times and when there’s urgency. Therefore, next time you or your loved ones need quick medical help, visit our website and call for in-home doctor service. Experience the comfort of being treated by a doctor inside the four walls of your home as our services make it an easier process for you.

    Want to book Doctor’s Visit at Home?

    We provide you with a range of On-call doctors hired after rigorous processing & background checks. Get an urgent & immediate doctor at the conveyance of your home for flexible & specialized services.

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