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Our Services.

Ayushya offers a wide range of services for you to avail of the best healthcare services at your doorstep. We have professional nurses, doctors, and caretakers who take care of your health with love and purity.

In-Home Nursing Care

Our In-Home Nursing service helps you to get personalized nursing care at your home as provided in a hospital while being more compassionate towards the patient helps to heel early. We offer unmatched Short term and Long Term Nursing care service at home in our serving locations. Nursing Bureau or Nursing Agency are specially partnered with Ayushya to train and deput their staff for in home care service at client place.

Geriatric Elderly Care

Our elderly care service helps your elderly loved ones who need support and help in their day-to-day activities, we give them the care and compassion with the dignity they deserve. Senior care or Geriatric care is designed to get overall care including healthcare solutions for all aging needs at their home. Elderly Care or Assisted living care for elderly helps elderly to get assistance in their activites as well as companionship.

Patient Care Attendants

Our Trained Patient Care Attendants​ offer daily support to your patients at home. Caretaker or Caregiver help with eg. Personal grooming, hygiene, Medication, Walking & Exercises. With the help of this service, we try to make sure the patients will be able to function independently within the comfort of home

ICU Care at Home

Are you looking for long-term ICU-like service at home? We at Ayushya provide ICU Setup at home at an extremely inexpensive price. Setting up an ICU at home is a tough job but with the guidance of specialists from intensives and treating doctors, we deliver the best possible services to the patient. The Ayushya Healthcare team provides critical care at home without the commotion of a typical hospital ICU.

Infant Care at Home

If you are becoming a new parent and worried about your newborn. You’re not alone. Lots of new parents feel unprepared when it’s time to bring their new babies home from the hospital. we can help you to get ready for the transition home. Ayushya offers a qualified Nanny or NICU Nurse to take care of the newborn baby as well as the mother

Pranyaas Parental Care

“PRANYAAS” works as a one-stop-shop for elderly care management, we offer a wide range of services such as Health Care Assistance, Daily Household Assistance, Events & Socialization Assistance, Payment Management Assistance, and any other assistance needed by your parents. We assign a reliable ‘Care Manager’ that is available on call, 24*7 to look after your parents’ needs.

Physiotherapist at Home

We understand your needs both in case of physical ailments as well as mental health. Physiotherapy has a wide range of specialties and people can take physiotherapy for any of the following medical issues: Neurological issues, Neuromusculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Respiratory. Our team consists of highly trained Physiotherapists to help you at your home regain mobility.

Vaccination at Home

In order to stimulate the immune system against viruses or prevention from disease vaccination is recommended. Ayushya offers you vaccination service at home that helps get an injection at home to get different types of vaccinations like H1N1, Chicken Pox, Typhoid, Cervical cancer are some of the regularly administered vaccinations for India

Doctor at Home

Ayushya Healthcare provides you with a Doctor on call or Doctor Visit at Home service. This makes it easier for patients to have doctors visit them in the comfort of their homes. Our home doctor visit service is designed for elderly people or people with chronic illnesses who are unable to visit a hospital, or doctor clinics, are new in the city, are physically weak, or prefer to be treated at home.

NRI Medicine Care

Want medicines at a cheaper rate but have to get them abroad? Well, Ayushya Healthcare is just the right place for you.
We at Ayushya Healthcare make sure that you do a proper market survey and give you the best quality of the medicines you want at the most affordable prices. For many adults caring for their aging parents becomes one of the most difficult decisions that they have to take.

Home Health Aide Services

At Ayushya, we will provide well-trained and professional nurses and caretakers at your doorstep to take the best care of you right at the comfort of your home. In Home Health Aide Services, we reach out to your home to take care of you and take the efforts of finding and assigning the best caretaker for you so that you don’t have to take the hassle to. Trust Ayushya for your Home Health Aid Services, trust the best in home healthcare.

Medical Equipments on Rent

We provide equipment that solves holistic care for the patient at home. All kinds of equipment required in medical practice are available with Ayushya Healthcare. Ayushya provides different medical equipment on rent at the places of necessity to achieve complete care at home. Various medical facilities can be made available to the client through Ayushya.  

Ambulance Service

Ayushya provides 24/7 ambulance service and acknowledges the need for an ambulance provider that is committed to clinically traumatic patients during transport. Our mission is to provide patients with professional caring transport while maintaining high standards. Our team ensures that all calls are answered so that you get real-time updates.  

Lab / Diagnostic Tests

Our Diagnostic services are an essential component of home healthcare services as getting regular check-ups and lab tests are convenient at home and are backed up by comprehensive quality standards and a wide range of medical testing. Our packages offer full medical check-ups to help you take care of your loved one at home in your comfort.

Staffing Solution

We offer remarkable staffing solutions to hospitals, industries, and households. Our staff are trained and skilled and is best suited for their respective service. Our staffing solutions and services are reasonable and flexible for the convenience of our clients. So, hire our staff in your firm, today.


Diabetic Care

Diabetes is a chronic disease where our body has trouble using glucose for energy. As the name suggests we offer diabetic care for patients. Our program is designed to help diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels to lead a healthy life. Our team of nurses and nutritionists work closely with every patient and help them to control their blood sugar levels.

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