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Zinc is a nutrient or a powerful mineral that helps your cell to fight off viruses and bacteria like cold and respiratory infection also strengthens the immune system and makes the protein and DNA in the human body that tells the human body how to work the way it should. It is a nutrient that keeps people healthy and helps to heal wounds. It helps to make the immune system strong that fight off assailing viruses and bacteria. Zinc also helps your metabolism and immune system to work properly. Our body needs zinc to grow and develop properly whether it is pregnancy, infancy, or childhood. However, zinc deficiency can also lead to an unhealthy or poor diet. One of the easiest ways to consume zinc; you can directly buy dietary supplements online in India from various supplements stores like OSOAA, My Protein, Healthkart, etc.

Foods That Provide Zinc

It is an essential mineral that you can find naturally in some foods. Get the recommended amounts of zinc by eating these good sources of food.

Oyster, this mineral plays a vital role in a healthy lifestyle and also enriched with zinc.

Red meat, seafood and poultry, lobsters, and fortified breakfast like cereals are not only packed with protein but also contain plenty of zinc.

Wholegrain, nuts, beans, and dairy products are also containing the highest amount of zinc naturally.

Various Kinds of Zinc Dietary Supplements That Are Available In India

You can find zinc in almost all mineral/ multivitamin dietary supplements. It is also available combined with other ingredients like magnesium and calcium etc. All of these dietary products include zinc compounds in various forms like zinc sulfate, zinc glucometer and zinc acetate. But it is hard to clarify that which one is better than another. If you are also worried about your immunity and want to have supplements to boost your overall health then buy whey protein isolate and zinc supplements for the immune system.

Many oral products also contain a good amount of zinc also these products including labeled as homeopathic medicines which are especially for cold etc. You can also see zinc gluconate or zinc acetate lozenges in some nasal spray which helps to shorten the duration of the common cold but in many cases, excess uses of this spray lead to a permanent loss of smell.

Excessive zinc intake can cause neurological problems, including weakness and numbness in the legs and arms.

Are You Getting Enough Zinc for a Healthy Lifestyle?

In the United States, many people are getting enough zinc directly from the food they eat.

However, there are also certain groups of people who are suffering from getting enough zinc:

  • People who don’t eat meat can also suffer from zinc deficiency because the meat is an excellent source of zinc. Also, they typically eat grains and beans that keep a good amount of zinc. For this reason, vegetarians have to suffer from zinc deficiency and they also need to eat as much as 50% more zinc than recommended amounts.
  • People who also had undergone gastrointestinal surgery, like weight loss or gain surgery or digestive disorders such, as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. People suffering from these diseases have the highest chance of a lacking amount of zinc in their bodies.
  • Few beverages like alcohol, as it decreases the amount of zinc that the body absorbs. So, alcoholic people should try to avoid excessive levels of alcohol if they want to keep their immune systems strong.

Why You Should Add Sufficient Zinc In Your Diet?

Zinc deficiency can promote many problems, it causes slow growth in infants and children also lead to delay energy development in adults. Zinc deficiency in the human body can also cause hair loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and eye and skin sores. A lack amount of zinc can also promote weight loss, decreased ability to taste and smell food, the problem with wound healing, and lower alertness levels.

Moreover, many of these symptoms can also be a sign of other problems instead of zinc deficiency. To avoid these symptoms, it’s better to consult with your doctor whether you might have a zinc deficiency or anything else.

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