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Ayushya’s home care nurses give excellent nursing care to patients comfortably. This is the same as getting care at home that would be given in a hospital. There are ways to get help, whether you need help with everyday tasks while you’re getting better or need more specialized care than your friends and family can give. Our registered nurses are well-trained to give the same care at home as in hospitals.

When will you need Ayushya’s nursing care at home?

The main goal of a Home Nursing service is to help people who are sick or hurt. Home nursing services often include monitoring patients with serious illnesses or unstable health, taking care of wounds from surgery or pressure sores, educating the patient and the caretaker, giving injections, intravenous treatments, or feedings, and keeping an eye on patients.

  • Vaccination

Getting immunized at home could protect you and your family from diseases that can spread. Our registered nurses can also give immunizations against diseases like H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, and Hepatitis, in addition to home care.

  • Care after Surgery

Care after surgery is critical, and it could be anything from helping with pain and eating to helping with breathing and fluid balance. Our nurses can care for all these things and more to help you get better at home.

  • Urinary bladder problems

Because they have a lot of experience with urinary catheterization, our nurses can help you through the whole process at home, from putting in the catheter to taking it out and cleaning your bladder.

  • Dressing of Wound

Did you know how quickly a wound heals can depend on what kind of wound it is? Whether you have a cut from surgery, an infected wound, or a pressure sore, the care you get from our nurses will help you heal faster.

  • Oxygen administration

Some short-term and long-term conditions that need oxygen are bleeding, shock, trouble breathing, lung disease, and other conditions. Don’t worry if you need one, and you can rest at home while an Ayushya nurse takes care of all your needs. Just call her number and wait until she calls you back.

  • Injection

Don’t drive a long distance to the hospital to get an IV or an injection. If you schedule a home nursing visit with our company, a trained and certified medical professional will visit you to give you a shot or an IV infusion.

Is Business is Nursing care at home cost-effective? 

In the recent past, the number of people needing home nursing services has increased sharply. Hospitals are getting more expensive, better healthcare services are easier to get, and older people prefer to live in their homes instead of clinical hospitals or nursing homes.

The price of nursing care at home can vary depending on how sick the patient is and how long they need care. But research shows that nursing care at home may cost between 20% and 50% less than care in a hospital or other facility.

As the number of people who need home healthcare has grown, insurance companies have come up with different plans and types of coverage to meet the needs and preferences of their many clients.


How much money you can get each day is directly related to the length of the benefit term, which can be anywhere from three to five years. Insurance companies sometimes only pay a portion of a claimant’s costs, and many have limits on how much they’ll pay for medical care given to a patient in their own home.


How much nursing care at home insurance of Ayushya costs will depend on where you live and what kind of care you need. You should contact your main insurance company to learn more about their home health care coverage and any rates they could set for you.

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