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    Vaccination at home

    What is vaccination at home?

    In order to stimulate the immune system against virus or prevention from disease vaccination/ injection are recommended.  Require vaccination/injection care? Cut out tiresome visits to hospital and get best medical care at home instead. Ayushya is foremost home healthcare provider. Our experienced staff will be arranged within shortest period of time at your location. After post operation or any medical condition getting injection is the most basic medical need which is required. To free yourself from the hassles of travelling, Ayushya provides highly professional staff which is safe and convenient for your injection requirement.

    Different types of vaccination provided at home

    Here are some different types of vaccine which we provide at home for children and adults.

    Live attenuated vaccines: Get long lasting immunity power against chickenpox, measles, mumps and rubella, rotavirus, and shingles viruses.

    Inactivated or dead vaccines: Inactivated vaccines do not contain any live viruses or bacteria adjuvants in the vaccine help generate better immune response it helps safeguard against hepatitis A, polio, flu, and rabies.

    Sub unit vaccines: Sub unit vaccines helps immune system generate a protective immune response against aliment Meningococcal disease, Hib, HPV, whooping cough, shingles, and pneumococcal disease.

    Different type of injection provided at home.

    IV Injection: Injection given directly  into veins.

    IM Injection: Injection given into muscle by our Nurse

    Subcutaneous Injection: Injection given into the fat layer between skin and muscle

    Diabetes Injection: Injection at home by our Nurse to control blood sugar.

    Iron Injection: Nurse Injection used to treat iron deficiency patient at home.

    Antibiotics Injection: Injection for Antibiotics usually for a week; through drip or IV.

    How can we help?

    Our experienced nurse’s will visit your home and help with vaccination at home. We assist you with Flu/H1N1, HAV, chicken pox, DTP, meningitis, Typhoid, Pneumonia, cholera, HPV/cervical cancer and Zoster vaccines and many more. We not only administrate your vaccines but also educate you about the post vaccination effects. Our Expert nurses are skilled in delivering vaccination for any age group.

    Benefits of vaccination at home.


    Offering Quality Services

    We send experienced paramedics to vaccinate. Our team provides administration of vaccination at top-notch quality service at the ease and comfort of your home.

    Convenient Timing

    No more long queues & unwanted travels as vaccination is now available at your doorstep. 24 x 7 care helpline for injections and vaccination services at home

    Alerts & Reminders

    As our customer support is highly responsive you will never miss out  important vaccine as our team thoroughly  continuous to  alerts and reminders you

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