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Any kind of prolonged body pain can cause a disturbance in the physical and mental well-being and also become a hurdle in following a smooth daily routine. Neck Pain can be very painful and won’t let us maintain a proper posture throughout the day.

Symptoms –

  • Illness/cold – Illness and cold sometimes causes sore throat which causes Neck Pain
  • Numbness or weakening of the arms – This causes pain in the arms shoulders and neck because of the weakening and strain of muscles.
  • Posture and balance – If you don’t sit, walk or sleep properly it can give you severe neck pain. Crouching while sitting is not a good posture for your muscles.

Neck Pain can vary from person to person. It might stay for a longer period or can go away quickly. It can occur due to some underlying causes, daily habits, posture, cough and cold, and other reasons.

Causes and types –

  • Nerve compression – Compression of the nerve can sometimes cause severe Neck Pain.
  • Sharp pain – A sharp, striking, stabbing pain that might occur mostly in the lower neck.
  • Stiff neck – Difficulty in free movement of the neck causes a strain in the neck resulting in stiffness of the neck.
  • General soreness – It is mild pain in the pain that is not very sharp yet very disturbing
  • Radicular pain – This pain radiates from the neck to the shoulder and arms. The intensity of this pain can vary.


Lifestyle – 

  • Stress – Stress can sometimes cause the muscles to clench and hence result in muscle strain causing neck pain.
  • Poor posture – Poor posture can result in prolonged muscle strain causing neck pain
  • Sleeping issues – Sleeping issues and sleeping posture can also result in lengthening the pain.

Cure –

  • Life routine – Daily exercise and yoga can help to avoid all kinds of strain and pain. Stretching can help to relax the muscles and keep our whole body active. Exercising not only provides physical fitness but also helps to maintain mental well-being.
  • Eating habits – Healthy eating habits help in maintaining body fitness which helps to maintain a healthy physique and body.
  • Meditation – Meditation helps to drive away any mental stress and tension relaxing the body and muscles and hence helps to avoid neck pain.
  • Seek a doctor – If the pain is severe and hard to deal with you should seek help from a professional. Consult a doctor who will help you with the diagnosis and find out the cause behind the Neck Pain.

What should you do to maintain physical and mental well-being?

  • Get indulged in physical activities – Go for a morning walk, dance or play your favorite sport to maintain physical fitness.
  • Don’t push yourself very hard – Although you should get indulged in physical activities it should always be limited. Find time to rest and relax. Don’t push yourself too hard to obtain a certain idealistic body type.
  • Practice effective hygiene – Hygiene is very important to keeps diseases at bay. Maintain proper sanitization, cleanliness in and around your house, working place. Take extra care of children and elderly hygiene.
  • Be polite and kind to others – Politeness and generosity bring contentment and happiness in our lives promoting mental well–being.

A healthy lifestyle brings happiness and positivity to our life. A person of good health is someone with complete physical, mental and social well-being. A healthy person becomes an asset for the society and works for the progress of themselves and their family. A healthy person helps to lighten the burden of society and the family. A healthy person thus contributes to the well-being of the whole society.

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