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What happens during week 3 of pregnancy is what we can call a conception. In the last few days, egg and sperm met each other, and they created a single cell that’s called a zygote. Even though this is only a single cell, what happens now will ultimately determine your child’s genetic composition.

Like many of you know, humans usually have 46 chromosomes. The zygote will also contain 46 chromosomes. Both parents contribute to this number equally. Mothers carry, while the fathers provide with either X or Y chromosomes. Whether your child will be a boy or a girl is determined by what chromosome is carried by the sperm, this is totally random.

It’s totally normal not to have symptoms during week three, but of course, changes are happening in your body as the zygote starts to grow and divide into more cells. The zygote will eventually form into an embryo and placenta.

Typical Symptoms for the Week Three 

Even though the zygote has formed, you are yet to experience a change in your hormones, or there is only a slight change. It’s normal not to have any symptoms, and your test may be negative during week three.

Implantation bleeding

Women often confuse this with spotting that sometimes occurs before they get their period. Implantation bleeding usually happens a few days after the sperm fertilized the egg, and it happens to around 15 to 25 percent of women. This spotting is a little bit different than the period spot. The main differences include color and duration.

While the period’s blood is most commonly a shade of red color, this type of spot is usually light pink or brown. Pink spotting is usually the best indicator of pregnancy along with some other symptoms, while brown spotting can often be a typical period symptom.

If you got a positive pregnancy test and the spotting goes on for a few more days along with symptoms such as cramping or abdominal pain, this may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. And this may also indicate a miscarriage. In both cases, you will want to see your doctor.

Breast changes

Your breasts may experience tenderness in their breasts. Breasts change regularly during the period, and there are many common symptoms between the breast changes during early pregnancy and during PMS.

The same hormone impacts both these changes. Your breasts may feel sore, and this will stop when the progesterone levels decrease. The most significant difference between PMS and pregnancy is that during early pregnancy, nipples become darker.

Bloating and cramping

Another symptom that is commonly experienced during both PMS and pregnancy is bloating or cramps. During PMS, cramping often occurs a day or two before you get your period. During early pregnancy, you will experience mild cramping in the lower stomach. The bloating happens because progesterone impacts your muscles, which can make your stomach digest harder. Experiencing bloating or cramping is a common symptom, but if you experience unusual pain, you should see your doctor.

Metallic Taste

Some women experience a metallic taste in their mouths in early pregnancy. Women explain this feeling as a sour or metallic taste in their mouth even if they haven’t eaten in a while. This occurs during the first trimester and it fades away after a few weeks. You can’t completely prevent this but you can ease it up by brushing your tongue and teeth more often or eating sour food. A glass of lemonade can help you with both your vitamin intake and that sour taste in your mouth!

Advice for the third week of pregnancy

A human being is currently growing inside you, pregnancy can be tiring and you need to have several things on your mind during that period. To make yourself feel better but also to provide the necessary nutrients for your baby, you may want to introduce some habits in your life.

Proper Nutrition

Eating well is something you should always do, but if you struggled with that, this may be the perfect motivation to introduce more healthy food into your diet. Introduce more vegetables in your diet and focus on eating more proteins, vegetables are healthy because of the micronutrients they have but also because of their fibers. Fibers are very important for a healthy gut and you’re well-being.

If you struggle with your vitamin intake, you should talk with your doctor and he should recommend the vitamin supplements you can start taking. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid are beneficial for the development of your child.

Water intake is also something you want to have in mind. Water is the most important thing when it comes to feeling well.

As soon as you know there is a possibility that you may be pregnant, you should remove alcohol, cigarettes and drugs from your life. This is something every doctor will tell you and its one of the most important things for the healthy development of your child. Caffeine is also a stimulant with an unknown effect on the embryo and you should limit it, caffeine is also a diuretic.

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