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  • What is Doctor Services at Home?
  • When Do you Need Ayushya?
  • How Can We Help?
  • Benefits of  Doctor Services at Home
  • Doctor Video Consultation Services at Home
  • What to Expect from  Doctor in India
  • How to Prepare for Doctor services at Home
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What is Doctor Services at Home?

As your parents and/or any other elderly person in your family start aging, you need to care for them, from the comfort of your home. You may or may not be living with them, due to the nature of your employment and/or business.    If you are living with them, you may not be in a position to attend to them at all times.  They need proper medical care to attend to their ailments. Your elders, who are senior citizens may have varied physical disabilities and diseases that lead them to avail themselves the Doctor Services at Home. We at ‘Ayushya’, have a panel of Doctors, specialized in various fields, to attend to your elders and other family members, as per your requirements at your home. ‘Ayushya’ can schedule the Doctor’s home visits anytime, as per your convenience and also can depute another super-specialist Doctor for 2nd opinion, if you desire.  Do not hesitate; ‘Ayushya’ Doctor Service at Home is just a phone call away.

When Do you Need Ayushya?

Welcome to ‘Ayushya’! Various advanced service facilities are now available with ‘Ayushya’, who are Home Medical Care Providers for Health & Wellness, with or without a comprehensive package. Personal Our teams consist of Health Care Doctors, Nurses or Care Managers at any time with prior appointment, to visit you in the comfort of your home.

For more than a year, the Pandemic Covid-19 virus has forced the elders to remain indoors.  ‘Ayushya’ has been thoughtful of your senior citizens and other ailing family members, with pre-existing ailments.  Do you need any of the following services?

  • Sample collection from the comfort of your home for lab tests
  • Timely delivery of required medicines at your doorsteps
  • Arrange hospital visits over the phone from your home
  • Co-ordination to arrange Ambulance in the event of emergency 24×7
  • Co-ordination in case of hospitalization 24×7
  • Health and Wellness updates on your Senior/Elder members.
  • Yoga sessions at home by Yoga Gurus, as per requirement
  • Personalized diet chart with Lifestyle management
  • Periodical essential Health check-up

In an overcrowded city like Mumbai, with ever-increasing pollution, your elderly parents or any other ailing family member may find it inconvenient and time-consuming to travel for necessary medical check-ups and consultancy. Any time you need any of the above services, you are free to call ‘Ayushya’ when arrangements will be made to meet your requirements.

How can we help?

  • ‘Ayushya’ In-house Doctor treatment instead of medical care in hospital or nursing home, as all ailments do not require hospitalization.
  • ‘Ayushya’ In-House Doctor care to the elderly for ailments is economical if you check expenses and time involved to travel to a Dispensary, in an overcrowded transport system in the City.
  • You remain comfortable within your premises, with quality ‘Ayushya’ medical care, where you are monitored by your family members.
  • ‘Ayushya’ Doctor visiting you extends more personal medical care and is more empathetic.
  • As ‘Ayushya’ In-House Doctor visit is available at any time, your patient is assured of quality health care even at odd hours, in the comfort of your home, with your loved ones around you.

e will appoint the doctor based on the condition

Benefits of Doctor Services at Home

Do your elderly family members require periodical health check-ups or suffering from any chronic illness? If yes, they require treatment, based on their medical condition. In view of their aging or physical condition, they may not be able to travel to Doctor’s dispensary or hospital. Allow them to live the rest of their lives, with happiness and at peace, as well as feeling loved and cared for in the comfort of their homes.  Team of ‘Ayushya’ Medical Professionals can attend to all your needs, viz

  • Emergency visit of Doctor Services at Home, for sudden health breakdown,
  • Home Palliative Care,
  • Convalescing after discharge from hospital,
  • Periodical Health check-up
  • Patients with special medical needs or terminally ill and many more

‘Ayushya’ Doctor Services at Home is available for the treatment of ailments and advice in the right direction, for a speedy recovery.  As Doctor Services at Home are available 24×7, do not hesitate to contact ‘Ayushya’, when your patient will be attended to, within the specified time, to his/her satisfaction, both emotionally and physically. Doctor Services at Home has proved to be a big boom in today’s lifestyle.

Doctor Video Consultation Services at Home

Doctor Video Consultation Services at Home is a virtual meeting, just as any other physical meeting.   In a virtual meeting, the patient sees the Doctor on the screen. The patient or his immediate relative around should ensure that the sound and video quality is good enough, for both the Doctor and patient to communicate well. Also, set an Agenda and priorities your concerns for video consultation service with your Doctor.  The patient can have a live chat with the Doctor, registered in the panel of ‘Ayushya’ on Web/App, as per convenience and get expert medical advice with digital prescriptions on phone. The objective of Doctor Video Consultancy Services at Home is to discuss the patient’s ailments 24×7 with the Doctor, viz. General Physician, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Dermatologist, etc., to ensure Quality Health Care is accessible to their satisfaction.  This unique medical initiative is known for the value of money services.  The cost of Doctor Video Consultation Services at Home is economical, compared with the regular hospital charges.

What to Expect from Doctors in India?

  • The Doctors are medical professionals, who care for your Health and Wellness.
  • Positivity of Doctors, encourages the patients, for better health care. The medical profession is and will remain a noble profession.
  • Patient Satisfaction at the level of the family physician is the first step for the contact between the patient and the healthcare system.
  • At times, Doctors have to make sacrifices, by working long hours, depending on the circumstances.
  • The Doctors in the private healthcare system are the first choice for any form of medical care in India.
  • Interaction between the Patient and Doctor has better control over the treatment process.
  • Doctors should reach out to the economically backward ailing persons, with a view to uplift the society.
  • Doctors have the capability to uplift Society, by helping the needy and elderly patients.
  • Doctors have immense job security, as we have a dearth of medical professionals in India.
  • In the present situation, Pandemic Covid-19 is creating havoc in some cities and most of the rural areas in India. The Doctors should guide the patients for suitable treatment, cure and counseling thereafter.

How to Prepare for Doctor services at Home

Doctor Services at Home is useful for elders, chronically ill and convalescing patients to provide quality healthcare.

To prepare Doctor Services at Home, keep in mind and prepare with the following steps:

  • Book a patient appointment for Doctor Services at Home.
  • Ensure that the Doctor is professionally qualified and backed-up by a reputed service provider, e.g. ‘Ayushya’
  • Prepare an Agenda with all the concerns, including the current symptoms that are to be discussed with the Doctor
  • Keep ready your file with all medical papers, pathology/investigation reports, including hospital discharge file, if any
  • Maintain hygiene. Ensure the patient is dressed in loose and comfortable outfits as the doctor might take a physical/comprehensive examination.
  • Make sure that one of your family members is available when the Doctor visits home, to answer the questions and explain the past medical history and current needs of the patient.
  • Re-confirm appointment with the Doctor visiting your home.

Doctor Consultation Near Me

The Doctor Consultation near me gives more personal medical care to me and my family members.  Often my elderly family members have day-to-day healthcare needs as also they need long-term medical assistance. The Doctor near me, provides holistic care.

The Doctor Consultation near me reduces health hazards and recommends regular health check-ups, to maintain good health.  It is convenient for the patient and his/her family members.

As you go online on your Smartphone or laptop, search for “Doctor Consultation near Me” or “video consultation” and then book your appointment.


In-House Doctor consultations have solutions to all your medical advice and consultation. ‘Ayushya’ In-House Doctor team consists of professionally qualified Medical Care experts, to provide consultation and appropriate guidance throughout the recovery process, as per requirement.  ‘Ayushya’ In-House Medical Care services are economically viable to your patients, who can look for longevity with peace of mind.

Your patient does not have to travel on busy roads with un-ending traffic jams and pollution, stand in line for long hours to meet the Doctor.  The Medical team at ‘Ayushya’ has skilled compassionate Doctors for consultation and treatment for regular as well as long-term health care needs in the comfort of your home.   Your loved ones will remain comfortable in their surroundings, as you avail services of ‘Ayushya’ In-House Doctors on call.  Why hesitate to avail the best and reliable services for your elderly?  Health is Wealth! ‘Ayushya’ is just a phone call away for all your In-House Doctor consultations, to keep your loved ones comfortable in their surroundings.


What Is an In-Home Doctor Service?

In-Home Doctor Service is a Healthcare service at home by qualified professionals, at reasonable costs compared to traditional hospitals and nursing homes. The patient remains comfortable surrounded by family members at home.

Why do you need In-House Doctor Care?

You have instances when you need to consult with a Medical Doctor for general health check-ups and chronic illness.  The elderly members prefer to have In-House Doctor visit for diagnoses and medical advice, rather than the elderly visiting the Doctor in his/her dispensary to overcome commuting by local transport or overcrowded train.  At times, the elderly or your patient, may not be in a position to walk or commute to the Dispensary.

What is the information required to avail In-House Doctor Care Services?

Prior to the call, have the following details ready for your loved one, who requires In-House Doctor Care:

  • Contact phone numbers of both the patient and In-House Doctor
  • Patient’s name and age (Date of birth)
  • Patient’s Medical file with all past records
  • Details of the patient’s illness
  • Membership Number with ‘Ayushya’

When do you need In-House Doctor Care?

The elderly or any family member suffering from chronic illness prefers to be treated at home, to avoid unending traffic jams with pollution on city roads and line up at Doctor Consultancy or Hospital. Also, any family member falls ill suddenly and unable to move out, the first step is In-House Doctor Care. You need routine check-ups and preventive health check-ups, diabetic care, physiotherapy, post-hospitalization cardiac care, post-hospitalization neuro care, Orthopaedic care, Oncological care, etc.

Your in-house Doctor Care is beneficial at various stages including emergencies requiring immediate attention:

  • Routine check-up and preventive health check-up
  • Ailments such as diarrhea, nausea, restlessness, fever, etc.,
  • diabetic care,
  • physiotherapy,
  • post-hospitalization cardiac care,
  • post-hospitalization neuro care,
  • Orthopaedical care,
  • Oncological care etc.
  • Palliative care, as life nears the end
  • Verification of death of your loved one

Can Home Doctors give medical prescriptions?

After examining the patient, In-House Doctor Care prescribes medicines and drugs to treat your medical condition.  In certain cases, the treatment or prescription may be in the form of strong analgesia and antibiotics, as necessary.

What is expected of you when the In-House Doctor visits the patient or your loved ones?

  • Doctors will inform you when he/she will be on way to your house. Depending upon the distance to your place, road traffic, etc., you will know the tentative time of his reaching your House.
  • You have to keep the patient’s file with all investigation reports, medical charts, etc., on hand
  • On arrival at Home, the Doctor will introduce himself, when checking his identity, if he/she is visiting you for the first time.  Remain with the patient during physical examination and consultation till the Doctor moves out.
  • At the end of the consultation, the Doctor will complete the patient’s file and give any instructions or medical prescription.

In the long run, your association with ‘Ayushya’ In-House Doctors on call for your health and wellness will be pleasurable to both you and your loved ones.  All that you need to do is to enroll as a member of ‘Ayushya’

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