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Professional Palliative Care services at home with Ayushya

At Ayushya, We ensure you get the best of the hospital care, services and facilities at home. One of the services that we offer includes Palliative Care at home in Mumbai and Pune.

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What are Palliative Care services?

First, let us begin with a brief introduction to palliative care. It refers to specific and special care for the ones suffering from chronic and life-limiting diseases or illnesses. It emphasises alleviating the symptoms as well as the stress caused because of the disease or illness.

We offer specially trained professionals and doctors for Palliative Care at home. Thus, your loved ones get to spend the best of their time and receive the most comforting and alleviating care possible.

    What are the different areas covered by Palliative Care services?

    Not just the medicinal aspect, palliative care also has other types of services. Let us walk you through different types of care as follows:

        • Emotional

        When one suffers from a chronic illness, it breaks them at an emotional level. So, to ensure that the patients are emotionally stable and robust and, thus, as happy as they can be, palliative care services include support groups, psychologists, and counsellors to ensure their emotional well-being.

        • Physical

        Physical care is an obvious and crucial part of palliative care services. A patient must receive the most effective and efficient quality of medical and physical treatments to remain as physically well as possible. Thus, palliative care services include maintaining a proper diet, ensuring no side effects of the illness or the medicine curb and the like.


          • Social

          When one goes through a chronic illness, it becomes difficult to socialise at the social level. That adversely affects the person in all other aspects- physical, mental, etc. thus, palliative care services ensure that the person gets a support group that helps them to socialise and feel better by sharing their thoughts and feeling and communicating with others.


          We tend to cover every aspect and type of palliative care services with our highly trained and specialised team of professionals, experts and doctors. Our services aim at providing our patients with the best of their days and keep them physically, mentally, and socially as incredible and rejuvenated as possible.

          Why should you choose Palliative Care services?

          Palliative Care enhance the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic diseases or illnesses. They are also better-taken care of and, thus, undergo lesser physical and mental strain. They receive a treatment which facilitates their well-being at all levels. And since they get specialised care, the goal of giving them their best days is optimally fulfilled.

          Best Palliative Care Guarantee

          Why not choose the best Palliative Care services at home in Mumbai and Pune? We guarantee the best experienced team of doctors and staff who aim to offer patients the most optimal care, focusing on their needs. Thus, choosing our Palliative Care services ensures good care for your near and dear ones. Also, check out our Nursing Care Service at Home in Mumbai and Pune.

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