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Nursing Care

  • What Is Home Nursing Services?

In the most basic words, home nursing care is medical care provided in your home by a qualified nurse, health care attendant, or caregiver. Non-medical and specialized health home nursing facilities are available.

Senior citizen’s care, emotional support, and caretaking are examples of non-medical nursing services. Wound, intravenous dressing therapy, administration of drugs, diagnostic monitoring, ventilator treatment, stormy care, vaccine, induction, and other medical home nursing care are accessible.

Mumbai’s home nursing services, based on the kind of treatment required by the individual, could be full-time and shift/hourly.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Home Nursing Services In Mumbai?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of home nursing care services in Mumbai is the much-needed comfort from traveling from and to the doctor’s clinic and hospital in Mumbai’s terrible traffic.

Without any need to travel when a nurse or doctor visits you at residence, you could save a great deal of money on transportation costs, making home nurses in Mumbai give efficient and affordable.

Another tangible benefit of home nursing care facilities in Mumbai is that you’ll have entirely private and one-on-one treatment from a nurse/ doctor inside your own homes rather than in a typical hospital environment.

Aside from it as well, patients have been discovered to heal far more quickly and effectively at homes, assisted by their family members, than that in a hospital’s harsh climate.

Finally, with the emergence of trained home nurses in Mumbai, you could now comfortably reduce your hospital stay when no essential care is needed and proceed with routine maintenance at residence.

  • What Is Home Nursing care?

Get individualized, cost-effective treatment from the certified nurses for homes that leave no question unanswered. Yet when your friends and families are receiving proper treatment, provide them with the ease, independence, and security from their comfortable environments.

  • Our Range Of Services

Nursing services are a broad area that includes geriatric, pediatric, medical/surgical, psychiatric/mental healthcare, and public health/community medical services. Ayushya  provides a wide range of nursing services, including:

 Nurse for Injection: Ayushya nursing bureau in Mumbai can effectively assist you in receiving your daily dose of medicine with injection, as prescribed by your doctor. Drips, IV injections, IM injections, Cannula, Subcutaneous doses, diabetic doses, and other drug doses are only several of the injections doses you could get at homes through our trained home nurses.

Nursing Care for Bone Marrow Cancer Patients: Taking care of patients with bone marrow cancer necessitates a professional, dedicated, and supportive staff of nurses. Ayushya will assist you in finding a well-qualified and caring home nurse to faithfully and faithfully care for your beloved one.

Mouth Cancer Nursing Care: Individuals with mouth cancer require comprehensive oral assistance to support them cope with open wounds in the throat and mouth, dampness, inflammation, coughing up blood, and infection control. Ayushya’s professional home nurses will assist you in maintaining good dental and oral protection.

Nursing Care for Stomach Cancer: The nursing profession for stomach cancer is divided into two categories: pre-operative and post-operative. Ayushya’s Mumbai home nurse assists patients in preparing for the operation and ensuring complete and quick healing.

Radiation Therapy Nursing Care: People who receive radiation therapy for cancer journey several side effects, including nausea, radiation enter colitis, skin problems, oral thrush, and much more. Ayushya’s nurse at home will help patients manage and treat these physical side effects of radiation therapy, resulting in a higher standard of care for patients.

Post-operative Nursing Care: Post-operative care is essential to justify the recovery phase, and Ayushya will provide you with a professional and trusted private nurse. Who can help you during this critical recovery time by checking vital signs, pain control, intravenous fluid level and form, urine and GI fluids performance, and administer medications?

  • What To Expect From Home Nursing Services In Mumbai

Home nurses are highly trained and experienced in a variety of medical techniques. A home nurse’s specific duties could include the following:

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Nutritional and dietary control
  • As directed by your doctor, you should have regular checkups.
  • Keeping the doctor informed and following it up
  • Assuring the protection of patients at home
  • Self-care education for the patient
  • Treatment and management of Pain
  • Preparations Needed For Home Nurse Care

Please take full advantage of your home nursing service; it is a good idea to plan ahead of time. The following are a few essential items to have on hand:

Numbers to call in case of an emergency

a list of doctors and their phone numbers

The home nurse is supposed to complete a list of tasks.

Organizing and storing all of your documents and prescriptions over one location

  • How Can We Help?

At Ayushya, we aspire to provide the highest quality medical treatment in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to heal throughout the company of your family members. Our healthcare professionals in Mumbai include several of the most professional and competent physicians, nurses, physio, and caretakers.

Our nurse group is composed of both male nurses for home care and female nurses for home care with significant experiences to recruit according to your preferences. Based on what kind of treatment your patient requires, you could recruit our nurse full-time and on an hourly contract.

  • Why Choose Ayushya?

At Ayushya, we believe in providing high-quality home care to all the residents of Mumbai. This sustained effort to provide good health care has established Ayushya Mumbai as one of the prominent brands in Mumbai for effective, transparent, and sustainable home healthcare services providers.

Our medical staff is recognized not just for their greater relevance but also for their caring disposition and good organizational capabilities, all of which contribute to the patient’s physical and emotional recovery.

  • Home Nursing Services Near Me

It is time to say goodbye to your desperate searching for a great home care nurse near me, and I believe Ayushya, the nation’s most extensive home healthcare network, provides all the best home care nursing services in Mumbai at a reasonable cost.

  • Why Ayushya Nursing Care Services?

Our team is trained to provide post-surgical, personal, and soothing treatment to patients suffering from severe and chronic diseases. We’ll collaborate closely with you to develop unique treatment plans tailored to your specific requirements. People and groups in Mumbai can rely on us to offer supportive, affordable healthcare. If you’re searching for nursing care near me, please contact us right away.

  • Summary

You can trust Ayushya to let you have hospital-quality treatment in the convenience of your own home. For home consultations, and we send doctors and nurses at home in Mumbai. Who has met our stringent recruiting criteria that had their perspectives and medical expertise authenticated by medical professionals? We make health care available for our patients by facilitating lab testing at home and hospital equipment renting. We provide the finest nurse services in Mumbai.

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