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NRI Medicine Care Service

We Send Medicine From Our Own Pharmacy Only!

Our Indian pharmacy can now reach you wherever you are. Now delivering medicines from India to NRI’s living in over 80+ countries. Please send us your requirements in the form below, or WhatsApp us. 10k+ orders successfully delivered to 80+ Countries.

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How does NRI Medicine Care work? 

At Ayushya, we don’t just take care of you and your family residing in India, but also overseas. Our Indian Pharmacy will reach you at your doorstep wherever you are located across the globe.

How to order from Ayushya internationally?

We have made the entire process of ordering medicines from Ayushya across the globe quite easy. We believe in convenience, care, and love. To order, please send us your requirements in the form below, or WhatsApp us. We have successfully delivered 10,000+ orders across 80+ countries worldwide.


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    Our pharmacy will reach out to you across the globe. Ayushya delivers all kinds of medicines to you at your doorstep, wherever you are located. Please contact us using the button below or WhatsApp us to place your order.

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