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    Want medicines at a cheaper rate but have to send them far? Well, Ayushya Healthcare is just the right place for you. 

    We at Ayushya Healthcare make sure that you we do a proper market survey and give you the best quality of the medicines you want and at the most affordable prices. For many adults caring for their aging parents becomes one of the most difficult decisions that they have to take. The problems they face is who to get involved in their loved one’s care. Ayushya Healthcare can lend a helping hand to hard working sons and daughters; Non-Resident Indians, who cannot take care of their loved ones themselves. Home health care services include help with personal care and services for those who require skilled nursing assistance. We at Ayushya Healthcare ensure you that your parents remain in good health by constantly monitoring their physical condition.

    Being a son or daughter who is living abroad, you may feel you are stuck in a difficult situations if such things happen to your parents. On one hand you feel like taking care of elderly parents, on the other hand you have a responsibility for the future of your young family. We at Ayushya Healthcare want to prove as a helping hand and help you out with atleast the health bit of your parents so that you have that one thing ticked off your to-do list.

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