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Blog by Dietitian Nikita Tanwar

It is said that one should eat to feed the soul rather than just filling one’s stomach. Satisfying your soul by consuming healthy and hearty meals which boost your energy, improves your overall health and ensures your wellbeing is essential. Nutrition is the science behind the relationship between the body and the diet of an organism.

When one focuses on quantity over quality of food, ignores the lack of nutrients in one’s diet or an unbalanced diet is followed, an array of physiological, psychological and behavioral ailments is quick to follow. A poor diet can hinder the normal growth and development of an individual, increase the pace of aging, severely harm immunity, and become the root cause of multiple chronic diseases.

The nutritional intake of a person can affect the mood of a person, it also plays a role in the anxiety and depression levels. For example, a person starts to skip breakfast and consumes fast food consistently for a week because of her work engagements, we can observe her heightened irritability, exhaustion and issues in her sleep cycle. If this schedule is prolonged for a while, physical ailments will be caused.

Other than the prevention of diseases, eating a diet full of adequate amounts of nutrients on a fixed time schedule maintains the equilibrium of the body. The body absorbs maximum nutrients and all the bodily processes are carried out with ease. Alongside a balanced diet, proper intake of water is necessary to function. Water filters out all the impurities and keeps your body fresh.

A healthy lifestyle requires a rich diet, ample intake of water and physical activity. Exercising and keeping the body active is as essential as a balanced diet. A consistent routine of excising daily reduces the possibility of multiple physical issues, helps in relieving daily stress and allows the body to use the nutrients for keeping the body fit.

Take a moment to question yourself. What am I eating every day? How much am I eating in my meals? Do I feel healthy at the moment? Is my diet nourishing? After questioning yourself, analyze your answers and circle out the problems in your current lifestyle. Include as many vegetables, fruits and fibers in your diet as you can. Fix your time for regular water and meal intake. A consistent routine for exercising is a must for making the most out of your well-balanced diet.

A well-proportioned diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and necessary fats will ensure all the organs and bodily processes to carry out well. Strong immunity and overall well-being will allow maximum output in your daily life. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a rich and nutritious diet accompanied by physical activity and optimum water consumption to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle, keeping ailments and issues at bay.

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