Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments On Rent

Ayushya provides different medical equipment on rent at your home in order to achieve complete care at home. Various medical facilities can be made available to the client through Ayushya. As much equipment is not required all the time they are needed for short or some period so nest option is to use it through rent.

We provide equipment which solves overall care for the patient at home. A wide range of hospital equipment on rent can be conveyed at your doorstep. In order to enable a complete patient home healthcare solution, Ayushya Healthcare provides Home Medical Equipments on a rental basis for long term/short term use.

Medical equipment’s on rent are as follows:

Ambulatory Atds
Hospital Beds


Respiratory Aids

Palliative Medicines

Air Beds,

Portable ECG,


Oxygen Concentrators

Suction Pumps,

Wheel Chairs,

BIPAP/C-PAP Devices,

Ventilators etc.

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