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Posted time September 4, 2021 Location Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Surat Job type Consultant, Fulltime, Partime

Physiotherapists assist patients in rehabilitating physical problems caused by illness, injury, disability or aging, through treatment. The responsibilities of Physiotherapists include planning treatments, reviewing recovery, and conducting therapeutic exercises with patients.

Physiotherapist Job Description:

We are looking for Physiotherapist to carry out assessments to evaluate patients’ range of movement and ability to carry out everyday tasks. Implementing bespoke treatment plans, which help patients to regain their independence and mobility by using purposeful activity.

Physiotherapist Responsibilities:

Create and implement treatment care plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

 Establish patient goals and benchmarks.

 Schedule exercises and therapies for patients.

 Observe and review patient progress.

Assist and demonstrate proper stretches, techniques, exercise moves, and equipment uses.

 Educate patient family members, caretakers, or close friends on the patient’s treatment plan.

 Document patient medical progress and treatment; record notes to update medical conditions.

Physiotherapist Requirements:

Minimum qualification Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

Soft Skills:

Willing to travel.
 Interpersonal skills.
 Ability to establish a good relationship with patients and their families.

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