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Physiotherapy is the branch of medical science that prides itself on its drug-free approach. Almost all patients that opt for physiotherapy in Dubai are always adamant that they don’t want catalysts to rehabilitate themselves. After all, if the body is sufficient enough to naturally heal itself, why should you go for anything that has induced side effects?

This medical science has proven effective in treating a variety of serious diseases and helping patients recover. Moreover, patients whose condition hasn’t been improved by medications have opted for physiotherapy and seen its benefits for themselves.

Here’s a detailed overview of the ways that physiotherapy can help you:

Neurological Problems

For those who don’t know, physiotherapy can help you through your neurological problems as well. Neurosurgeons often work in collaboration with physiotherapists on specific cases that require physiotherapy as well as neurological treatment.

This is because our nervous system is responsible for transmitting the signals that allow your body to carry out its functions. Should the functionality of the body be compromised, as is the case with patients suffering from strokes or multiple sclerosis, we need more than just a brain scan.

To bring the body back into working condition, physical therapy, exercises, a proper dietary routine and manual therapy are essential. Since there is no drug that can instantly bring your out-of-shape body into a functioning state, it’s up to the natural healing process. That is exactly what physiotherapy focuses on, i.e. the body’s ability to heal itself.

Neuromusculoskeletal Issues

People often wonder why athletes are always having sessions with physiotherapists. This is because physiotherapy has proved to work wonders for the body, regardless of whether you’re an athlete or not. Since it’s a profession that requires a person to consistently engage in physically strenuous exercises, there are bound to be repercussions.

Similarly, if you have had an accident or went through physical trauma recently, you might require physiotherapy sessions. Incidents that are likely to cause problems like whiplash-associated disorder or sports injuries require medical attention.

When the physician has done their part and administered first aid, the rest falls upon medical professionals like physiotherapists to bring the patient back to their feet. As you can imagine, the process involves a persistent physical workout that enables a person to slowly rise up and rehabilitate themselves. Moreover, it also includes detailed notes on how they should schedule their routines involving diet and exercise. It’s crucial to follow this advice to the letter in order to ensure the best results.

It’s common for athletes with sports injuries or people with physical mobility restrictions to consult a physiotherapist. In addition to the stabilization of blood pressure, a deep tissue massage can bring your muscles, limbs and ligaments in harmony.

Cardiovascular Diseases

While this may come as a surprise, those who’ve been through the situation can relate that physiotherapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation of heart patients. Especially catering to those who have survived a heart attack, physiotherapists are appointed to bring the person to their feet. Not only will the exercises that the physiotherapist recommends be beneficial in terms of physical recovery, but they will also efficiently decrease the chances of another heart attack.

Respiratory Problems

People who have been suffering from diseases that cause breathing problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, etc. can also take advantage of a physiotherapist’s help. The manual therapy, educational advice as well as recommended diet routines are more than helpful for these patients.

All doctors recommend going to a physiotherapist in case you face breathing problems. While medication is a reliable means to achieve momentary relief, physiotherapy offers long-term benefits. The fact that this medical field focuses on the overall healing mechanism of the body proves that it promises lasting solutions.


There’s a lot to consider when going for medical treatments. Most people who hate the idea of ingesting or injecting prescription drugs always favor physiotherapy clinics like Anatomy Rehab. As is clear from the above-mentioned information, there is no limit to the applications this field of medical science has. From physical to neurological, cardiovascular to neuromusculoskeletal problems and much more fall in the domain of a physiotherapist’s expertise.

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