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A team of nursing care at-home assistants with an Associate Nursing Degree, a General Nursing Diploma, or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing will be needed to care for your loved one or patient in the safety and comfort of their own home. People who need this kind of treatment can go to a clinic or see a doctor, where they will be closely watched and given treatment based on what the doctor thinks will happen.

Depending on the nursing care plan for the patient, these services could include medical equipment and drugs. The patient’s diagnosis and the report after they leave the hospital plays a role in how nurses are trained and prepared to use various medical tools and drugs.

Pranyaas’s goal is to change the way nursing care is given at home by providing complete medical services, advanced treatment options, and professional care with care and warmth.

Why is getting nursing care at home better than in a hospital?

When getting better from an illness or surgery, one thing people look forward to is going home to their familiar surroundings so they can rest and get better. We can do this by giving nursing care to patients in the at their own homes.

As a result of caring for elderly family members who can’t do it independently, the rest of the family may have to deal with financial and emotional stress. Because of this, many people wrongly think their only choice is to go into a nursing home.

A person who needs a lot of care may want to move into a nursing home to get better while the trained medical staff takes care of them. If you use our in-home nursing services, you can heal in the privacy and comfort of your own home while getting medical care from a professional.

Ayushya has made it possible for patients to go from the hospital to their own homes by giving them good nursing care in their own homes. The care given to a patient in their own home, preferably by a member of their own family, has been shown to speed up the healing process.

Our nurses will care for your complicated needs while letting you keep your freedom and do what you usually do.

People living their whole lives in the same place might benefit from getting nursing care in the comfort of their own homes. Their children and grandchildren might also benefit from this. There, many people feel their first stirrings of love and sexual desire.

With the help of our home care nursing services, you can give a loved one the best care possible without adding more work or stress to an already busy family.

  • Licensed experts who have been in the business for a long time

We are very proud of the high-quality home health care we give to our patients and the careful way we hire people to make sure they are capable enough, have the right credentials and have the most recent training and experience available.

  • Manage-replacements

You can count on us to help your family member with in-home nursing care any time of day or night since we are available around the clock.

  • Handle-emergency

Even if the patient is sleeping well at home, you should still talk to the careers about any urgent problems that might come up.

  • Doctor-support

The Care Plan Evaluation is done with the most nursing care services possible to follow the instructions from the attending doctor.

Getting nursing care at Pranyaas without going to a facility has never been easier. 

If a family member needs continued care and monitoring at home, nursing services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can choose the duration you want to be seen by a nurse. Your primary care doctor will give you detailed instructions on taking your medicine and doing your therapy.

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