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Treatment of disease in the best possible way is itself a miracle for the patient. Some treatment is without any side effect even after the new technology applications. A protest is the male reproductive part of the body. It sits underneath the bladder and in front of the sector, which helps control the male urinary continence track. It creates an environment for nourishing simen.

So coming towards advanced treatment, nothing is impossible. Even severe disease is curable. There is doctors expert in robotic surgery. Equally treats both the levels, whether it is manual or the expert. Feedback of patients of all age groups, robotic surgery prostate cancer recovery time is less.

The benefits of robotic surgery-

  • Less time to spend in hospital. Faster recovery after the surgery.
  • Less blood loss. The faster, the better.
  • Back to normal in life in less time. The faster the groomer.
  •  This surgery allows you to keep your nerves intact.
  • There are several nervous vessels that damage sometimes in manual surgery.
  • These vessels are safe and intact in robotic surgery. It helps a man to remain happy and maintain an erection in his whole life.
  • In some cases, irrespective of the nerve issues, the doctor remains to ignore the vessels. It happens in the case of manual surgery.
  •  Urinary control rate regains or remains continent will always higher the success rate of the robotic surgery. The patient will able to control the urinary regain. Every time it is higher than the manual success rates.
  • It takes only 2 to 12 weeks, back to life. Sometimes the factors like- age, prostate, and previous health responsible for the patient’s recovery.

Post-surgery some kegel exercises will work for the patient. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder and bowel. Urination avoidance becomes the first symbol of wellness post-surgery.

The track of the time void will help to recover better. The consumption of caffeine and alcohol prohibits for the patient. It affects adversely in case the patients are not following instructions.

The common question of erection dysfunction also occurs. It depends upon the patient’s age and situation before surgery. All of these consequences discus by the doctor. The number of nerves sparing procedures having in your body will also affect the erect process.

In the surgery package, the rehabilitation sessions for sexual life are also included. All the men provided the sexual regain function session by experts across the globe. A complete peaceful life after proctectomy surgery. The issues of scars also seek attention to post-surgery. Compared to one large middle line scar in manual surgery, only three-four small incision lines at the lower of the abdomen in robotic surgery.


  • Reduce blood loss.
  • Quicker healing.
  • Reduce the risk of infection.
  • Less pain than manual surgery.
  • Get well sooner and back home.

Maximum of the patient not a demand for the pain pills. These are under observation for two days at maximum need. Otherwise, they can go home after 24 hours. The liquid diet will continue till the urination function properly. Gradually patient will regain bowel function.

The patient feels free during the consultation will help him after the surgery to heel at a fast level. There is no bar age of cancer risk avoidance. Even to a fit personality, sometimes diagnosed with cancer. The fluctuation of PSA in the body leads to cancer.

The treatment first stage begins with the urologist. To whom you can share all the issues related. Research through test is the best process to deal with such a disease. Considering the pain in the manual surgery, you do not stop yourself. Robotic surgery is far better in all aspects.

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