Get Doctor On Call


Visiting a doctor in hospital is always a stress of undergoing waiting time or changes in personal and business schedules that too when we are not well.

Ayushya Healthcare have well-qualified, specialist doctors on Visit so if you have any specific requirement,

There are occasions when a patient requires a regular visit by a qualified doctor to their home on an ongoing basis., These needs could range from post-operative care upon discharge from the hospital, chronic illnesses of the elderly such as dementia, bedridden patients, extreme diabetes, cancer pain management etc. we have doctors to take care of all your needs, Right from babies to young adults to old parents, whatever the medical needs maybe a qualified doctor will visit your home at your convenience.

We’ll be more than happy to take care of that as well! Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with the best healthcare services for your loved ones

How We work?

The moment you get in touch with Ayushya Healthcare, we make a note of your problems. Based on the immediacy of your symptoms, we send a doctor to you. Our doctors work round the clock, so If it’s an emergency, Ayushya Healthcare ensures that the doctor reaches you in minimal time.