Pranyaas Elder Care

Pranyaas Elderly Care Services in Mumbai

You have fixed your elderly loved one needs home care assistance, but it can be more difficult to know their specific needs. Staying fare away from your parents’ for any reason like study or work is not easy, Pranyaas Care designed a care package to support who have their elderly loved ones living in Mumbai their children stay away from homes. You notice that your oldsters have gotten previous and that they want somebody by their facet to manage with everyday mundane tasks. We go through your options and work with you to create a subscription care plan for your loved one, Your old love experiences improved quality of life and enjoy independence in their residence. You have peace of mind knowing they’re utterly safe and well cared for Pranyaasis special Senior Citizen Care Organization. We Provide  Elderly Care in Mumbai, Senior Citizen Care Services in Mumbai, we designed a special plan for elder care in Mumbai.

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Pranyaas care provides Below mentioned Services for your elderly loved ones.

  • 1) Hospital to Home Healthcare Assistance           

♦ Annual Medical Checkup ♦ Sending Reminders ♦ Fixing Doctor Appointments ♦ Doctor on call at home ♦ Delivering medicines ♦ Finding a homestay Nurse ♦ Surgery Planning ♦ Arranging 24 Hours bedside care ♦ Arranging speech & hearing aids ♦ 24X7 Contact Center Availability ♦ Accompanied care manager in Doctor Visit  ♦ Arranging Physiotherapy at Home ♦ Arranging Dental Services ♦ Arranging Homeopathy Doctors

2) Daily Activity Assistance

  • ♦ Arranging Home repair and maintenance  ♦ Home Setup or new installations at home ○ Food Delivery ♦ Cook Service assistance  ♦ Transportation Assistance ♦ Arranging Plumbing, Electrician, carpenter services ♦ Grocery Delivery ♦ Arranging Home cleaning services  ♦ Arranging regular maid services ♦ Training to use Internet & Smart Devices

 3) Social Engagement

 ♦ Organizing Family events ♦ Arranging Picnics and wellness activities ♦ Escorted/assisted day outings ♦ Arranging surprise events

4) Utility and Payment Assistance

  • ♦ Utility Bills ♦ Prepaid account to manage every day expenses  ♦ Online Cash Management ♦ Medical emergency Fund Management

 5) Emergency Assistance

  • ♦ Ambulance Assistance  ♦ Non-Medical Emergency  ♦ Medical Emergency Assistance with a care plan  ♦ Real-time updates  ♦ Accompanied care manager

6) Specialized Assistance

  • ♦ Personal Time with Care managers ♦ Property management Assistance ♦ Visa, passport, Ticketing, Forex services  ♦ Arranging Puja or any other religious need ♦ Arranging Books and Library visits ♦ Arranging Legal Help ♦ Arranging Beauty/Grooming Services ♦ Arranging Laundry Services ♦ Health & Travel Insurance Services