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Diabetic Care at Home

Diabetes can be a huge problem if left uncared for. Don’t worry, Ayushya is here to take care of your diabetes right at your home! With trained nurses and caretakers right at your doorstep, we will ensure that your diabetes is taken care of with proper attention and expertise.

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Diabetic Care at Home

Patients need patience and love to heal. It is exactly what we provide right at your doorstep.

Ayushya understands the need for diabetic care at home.

At Ayushya Home Health Care, our experienced staffs help individuals and families to manage diabetes at home. Our team is committed in providing customized care plans with special approach to control diabetes.

We are here for you from following a healthy care plan, monitoring status where you are at most comfort. Our services are designed to meet all the needs of a diabetic patient.

Our professional Doctors, nurses and care managers will cater you the best care at home.

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    Our Caregivers will regularly monitor your blood sugar level and record your reading that can ensure you get proper care and educate you about blood glucose levels. We manage your diet and the food you eat to keep your weight stable. We monitor your food and fluid intake by administering Anodyne Therapy to decrease symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. We ensure that your physical and mental health is stable.

    Insulin administration

    Healthy meal plan

    Exercise schedule

    Doctor on call

    Foot and skin care regimens

    Medication reminders

    Management of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

    Educating about the signs and symptoms

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    Ayushya Care offers all kinds of Diabetes Care Services in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Satara. This allows one to get professional nursing Diabetes care in the comfort of their home. Our Certified Experienced Doctors and Caretakers provide quality care and give you the best diabetic care assistance. Book for yourself today!

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