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Questions for loved ones, friends, and other people who are important to the person dying

  •  What are my options for treating symptoms like pain, sickness, breathing difficulties, anxiety, confusion and noisy breathing?
  • Can I refuse to be treated or request a specific treatment?
  • What is the reason I was offered this particular treatment? What is the time it will take for it to start?
  • Are there side effects of the treatments you are offering?
  • What happens if I feel too tired from the treatment?
  • What if I am being cared for in a different location?
  • Can I choose where to die?
  • What happens if I make a change of mind about decisions I have made regarding my care?
  • What can I do to choose who will be there for me when I reach the end of my own life?
  • Are there people I can talk to about my anxiety and fears?
  • Do you think that if I get a “just in case” box does this mean that I will develop symptoms?
  • What happens if I am too ill for my own decision making?
  • Is it possible to have fluids through a drip or tube at the end?


Questions for loved ones, friends and other important people of the person who is dying

  • What can I do for the dying person?
  • Are there additional supports that I, as a caregiver, might be able to access?
  •  Do you want me to be informed about the wishes of the person?
  • What will I be told about the death date of the person?
  • Is it necessary to inform the dying person that they are in their last days of life?
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