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There is more than enough experimental and scientific evidence that clearly shows several benefits of yoga. Interestingly, yoga can offer physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual benefits. This is why you will see doctors and health practitioners recommending yoga exercises for their patients. The benefits are just too great to overlook. The truth is that whether it is related to the mind or body, the overall development of life starts from the inside. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga gives direction to life and the purpose of existence. To build a healthy lifestyle that combines physical, mental, and spiritual awareness, you need yoga. Recently, it has been discovered that kids and teens can also reap the immense benefits of yoga. Thus, there is a development of an aspect of yoga called teen yoga. What then are the benefits of teen yoga?

What Teen Yoga Is

Teen yoga is a bit different from regular yoga because it is targeted toward kids and teens only. However, it is true that some exercises and poses in teen yoga may also appear in other yoga styles. However, teen yoga is a separate form of yoga specially made for teens. From various reports, it is discovered that teen yoga majorly focuses on three areas in a teen’s life. They are academic burdens, peer relational problems, and puberty and hormonal changes. The primary goal of teen yoga is to help the children develop positive social interaction and create a healthy balance between their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. Taking teen yoga can prove very helpful for the kids as it helps them grow in many ways. Here, we will discuss why teen yoga can be helpful for kids.

Popular Benefits Of Teen Yoga

●       Handles Stress And Anxiety

It is very easy for kids and teens to experience stress and anxiety. This is because there are a lot of things they face, which may be overwhelming for them. For instance, school, personal development and other experiences that come with growing up may throw them into anxiety. Teen yoga can help treat stress and anxiety symptoms. One of the things that should be noted about stress and anxiety is that they must be treated as soon as possible. If they are left to develop into chronic stress, and severe anxiety, other physical and medical-related issues may arise. Therefore, putting the kids through teen yoga classes is a great way to help them deal with teenage stress and anxiety.

●       Physical Health Enhancement

Like regular yoga does, teen yoga also helps build body coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Of course, everybody needs these, kids inclusive. Teen yoga will help the children build a stronger awareness of their bodies. Teen yoga can also serve as a detoxifying method that helps the body develop and strengthen its immune system. In essence, teen yoga will protect children against diseases.

●       Sound Sleep

Nothing beats sound healthy sleep. For children especially, sleeping is essential to growing up healthily. Since teen yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, that means it can be used to solve sleeping problems. Due to stress, many kids experience insomnia. However, when teen yoga is performed a few hours before bedtime, it prepares the children for quality sleep. This benefit is also enjoyable in regular yoga.

●       Emotional Strength And Understanding

We already said that children go through a lot that may be overwhelming for them. Part of their challenges includes academic problems and other life situations. The inability to take care of their emotional wellbeing may cause them to breakdown. With teen yoga, the children are able to have a better understanding of their emotions. Teen yoga will help them realize the importance of emotions in living a peaceful life and dealing with different situations. We can all agree that emotional intelligence is a powerful tool to live a healthy life. Teen yoga can help children build emotional strength to combat teenage challenges.

●       Developing Mindfulness And Mental Health Awareness

Teen yoga, like other yoga styles, can help build mindfulness. In addition to helping them understand emotions, teen yoga also helps kids build a healthy mental condition for themselves. Building mindfulness means they are conscious of their minds, thereby regulating their thought patterns and maintaining body consciousness.

●       Teen Yoga For Social Connections

Teen yoga helps the kids to see their environment and the world in another light. With all the mindfulness and consciousness, kids can understand the world better. Since yoga preaches acceptance, kids learn through teen yoga how to develop acceptance toward other people without being judgmental. Thus, social connections are boosted to become more positive and healthy. Teen yoga helps kids build love and compassion for one another.


Having understood how teen yoga can impact children’s lives, it would be true to assert that every kid needs teen yoga. The world is full of challenges and negativities, and even kids have their fair share. As you can see, teen yoga is specially developed for kids. It is, therefore, essential to make them understand there are several benefits of teen yoga ranging from the physical, mental to the spiritual benefits. Most yoga training centers offer special yoga teen yoga classes for kids. You may also opt for online teen yoga classes, depending on which one works best for the kids.


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