Baby Care Service At Home

Baby Care Service At Home

Once any female get pregnant and reach at the last level of delivery, she is not able to take care for herself. Newly parents are always afraid of taking care of their babies when it comes to their first baby. In fact, this is also a question of tension and doubt, Becoming a mom for the first time is both scary and exciting. There are a lot of unknowns, and while we want to do our best for our kids, it’s just not easy to know exactly what to do, even if we prepare as much as possible, A new born baby is very delicate and needs special attention and care, To help the new mother take care of baby, our care givers are specifically trained to provide new born baby care and help with lactation, massages and postnatal exercises. So we do provide the nurses or caretakers to care the mother as well as the bay before and after the delivery. Proper guidance, relevant experience, true affection leads to healthy baby and mother. One can trust us while delivering such a valuable duty . We are Providing baby care taker, New Born Care, Maternity Care, pregnancy care and prenatal care.

Ayushya Healthcare arranged Nanny for Baby Care Service in Mumbai



We realize that there are few greater joys than to see children smile, hear them laugh, or watch them play. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to caring for children with special needs and providing support for their families, Nurse or caretaker will be taking care of Twin babies, New-born with congenital disorders, New-born with special needs, Babies who have missed a development milestone, Babies who fall ill frequently, or are susceptible to neo-natal infections, Parents who might be away from home during the day, Parents who don’t want to leave their child’s development to chance,


We have a chosen group of nurses who are well experienced with required characteristics to take care of the little ones. Our nurses understand that every need of the baby and to provide much-needed support to the mother

Bathing the baby

Regular massaging of the baby

Measuring the daily feeds and helping the baby to burp after every feed

Helping the mother with lactation

Understanding and dealing with the different needs of the baby

Properly cleaning sensitive parts after nappy change

Sterilizing and keeping the baby’s utensils clean

Putting the baby to sleep

Caring for the baby in case of illness and providing necessary advice

Bath and general hygiene


Regular feeding at intervals


Support for the mother