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Ambulance Service

Ayushya ensures that you get Ambulance Service 24/7 right at your doorstep! We will reach you wherever you are in our serving cities at the earliest. Our ambulance service is one of the best in the city with well-equipped ambulances and quick service throughout.


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What is Ambulance Service? 

Ayushya provides 24/7 ambulance service and acknowledges the need for an ambulance provider that is committed to clinically traumatic patients during transport.

Our mission is to provide patients with professional caring transports while maintaining high standards. Our team ensures that all calls are answered so that you get real-time updates.

Our medical professionals have an unmatched understanding of both the personal and medical needs of their patients. Whether from a local or long distance our team provides you efficient services. Our one-stop approach to all medical transportation needs is met on a single call and facilities are dispatched on time.


    What are we ideal for?

    We are ideal For Cardiac, Pregnancies, Trauma Care, and Critically ill patients. We also customize according to your needs.

    • Basic Ambulance
    • Paediatric Ambulance
    • ICU/Cardiac Ambulance
    • Outstation Ambulance
    • Patient Transport Vehicle
    • Air Ambulance

    Why should you choose us?

    • Instant Response
    • Best Prices
    • Monitoring Equipment
    • Paramedic
    • Advance Ambulance, Fully Equipped
    • Communications
    • Safety

    Want to book Ambulance Service?

    Ayushya offers Ambulance Service right at your doorstep in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Pune and Satara. This allows one to avail Ambulance Services in the comfort of their home. Our well-equipped ambulances ensure that you get the best healthcare facilities inside the ambulance. Contact Ayushya for the best Ambulance Service in all leading cities.

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