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    Ambulance Service

    Ambulance Service

    Ayushya provides 24/7 ambulance service and acknowledges the need for an ambulance provider that is committed to clinically traumatic patients during transport. Our mission is to provide patients with professional caring transports while maintaining high standards. Our team ensures that all calls are answered so that you get real-time updates. We strive to meet exclusive ambulance service while never compromising the safety of our patients. By focusing our efforts, we are best positioned to understand and serve the needs of our communities.

    Our medical professionals have an unmatched understanding of both the personal and medical needs of their patients. Whether from a local or long distance our team provides you efficient services. Our one-stop approach to all medical transportation needs is met on a single call and facilities are dispatched on time. To ensure safe and efficient transportation, we provide accurate arrival time estimates for every request.

    We are ideal For Cardiac, Pregnancies, Trauma Care, Critically ill patients. We also customize according to your needs.

    • Basic Ambulance
    • Paediatric Ambulance
    • ICU/Cardiac Ambulance
    • Outstation Ambulance
    • Patient Transport Vehicle
    • Air Ambulance

    Why choose us?

    Instant Response

    Our 24/7 support team ensures
    you get an instant response

    Best Prices

    We help you get the best quotes

     Monitoring Equipment

    Portable Ventilator, Defibrillator, Emergency medicine & oxygen Facilities


    Ensuring medicines, injections and supported equipment when dealing with critical patients.

    Advance Ambulance, Fully equipped

    Our Ambulance has every possible equipment. We never compromise with the quality and we promise to deliver the same


    Real time updates of destination arriving with creating an environment that seeks and hears the voice of customers.


    We provide the highest safety to our patients and caregivers with empathy, respect and dignity and treated fairly.


    Our Home Nursing care Service provides help in many ways from daycare visit to 24 hours live-in care, we provide on-demand visiting Nurses, Personal or Private Nurse at home or in the hospital to take care of the patient with the highest level of satisfaction.


    What type of ambulance do you provide?

    We provide basic ambulance basic Ambulance, Paediatric Ambulance, ICU/Cardiac Ambulance, Outstation Ambulance, Patient Transport Vehicle and even Air Ambulance. Contact us and learn more.

    What is an air ambulance?

    Air Ambulance Service is considered as the fastest means of transportation and it is often availed during emergencyon the patients’ requirement.

    Will the ambulance take me to the hospital of my choice?

    According to your convenience, you can choose any Hospital or drop location.

    Qualifications of staff on the ambulance?

    Our staff and attendant are well qualified as well as the driver is certified.

    A quick overview

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